Home Schooling

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Under the educational codes of California, methods of exemptions to the mandatory school attendance have alternative learning options as follows: 1. The child has private tutors who have valid credentials for specific subject matter. The number of hours of instruction must be three hours a day, 175 hours a year. 

If you are interested in having your child home schooled through high school, there are different high school home schooling curriculums available that will be able to provide your child the type of education that he or she needs. The type of curriculum that you choose would depend on the type of education that you want to provide for your child. 

Home-schooled students no longer have to adapt to new surroundings, which can also sometimes affect a child's ability to learn. This system can also provide a way for parents to be closer with their children and can also help parents have a more active role in educating their children in the manner that they want. 

A question of social interaction One of the things that many feel puts the homeschooling program to a disadvantage is the fact that studying inside the home de-emphasizes social interaction, which children also need in order to function well in the real world. This is especially essential with children who are at the stage when they are still developing their social skills and are just beginning to communicate. 

No fix schedule Because the program is done at home with parents as teachers, there is no need for a fix time schedule. This does not however mean that they won t learn the discipline of rising early in bed and adhering to a time-schedule. In homeschooling, lessons may start at a specific time but it may end whenever the child is through. 

Parent-teachers can actually put their undivided attention to their kids, allowing them to observe and respond to the needs of their children. This is especially good in teaching lessons that students find hard to understand such as Mathematics and Science. Results at an instant Unlike schools, which hand out grades after a week; with homeschool, you get instant feedback.